WECO-917A 1800 Elevator Light Curtain (1.8M HEIGHT)

WECO-917A 1800 elevator light curtain

1.Performance Parameter

Number of beams(Max.) 94
Operating environment -20℃——+65℃
Light Immunity 100000Lux
Vertical tolerance +/- 15mm,7°
Horizontal tolerance +/- 3mm,5°
Dimensions H1800mm*W24mm*D11mm
Detecting height 20mm-1670mm
Detecting range 0-4m
Response time 45ms
Power consumption ≤4W or 100Ma @ DC24V
Signal output Relay output (AC220V,AC110V,DC24V)
or Transistor output (NPN,PNP)
LED power Indicator in receiver Yellow LED when it is detecting
LED status Indicator in receiver Red LED when it is detecting
Number of diodes 17pairs(34pcs)
Cable reliability 30 million door movements
Voice reminder Buzzer In RX,after continuous detection for 15s,buzzer on
EMC EN12015,EN12016

20 to 500Hz 4 hours per X-Y-Z axis Sinuaoidal vibration 30Hz rms 30mins Per X-Y-Z axis

Protection Level IP54(TX,RX),IP31(Power box)
Certificate CE

2.Installation Drawing And Profile Size

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Function of elevator light curtain(2/2)

Infrared screens sensor elevator door protection system consists of an infrared transmitter and infrared receiver components which installed on both sides of the elevator car doors. Infrared transmitter transmit infrared detection beam sequentially, infrared receiver can detect these beams sequentially cycle, resulting in the formation of the elevator car door plane tens to hundreds of beams of infrared light curtain protection. When a passenger or object go out of the elevator car doors, they will block any beems of the infrared light curtain, light curtain control system will ascertain, and outputs a signal to the elevator car door systems, so the closing elevator door will turn to opened to protect passengers.

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