WECO-917K Elevator Light Curtain

WECO-917K Elevator Infrared sensor

1.Performance Parameter

Number of beams(Max.) 154
Operating environment -20℃——+65℃
Light Immunity 100000Lux
Vertical tolerance +/- 15mm,7°
Horizontal tolerance +/- 3mm,5°
Dimensions H2000mm*W28mm*D10mm
Detecting height 20mm-1841mm
Detecting range 0-4m
Response time 61ms
Power consumption ≤4W or 100Ma @ DC24V
Signal output Relay output (AC220V,AC110V,DC24V)
or Transistor output (NPN,PNP)
LED power Indicator in receiver Yellow LED when it is detecting
LED status Indicator in receiver Red LED when it is detecting
Number of diodes 32pairs(64pcs)
Infra red diodes range 58.8mm
Voice reminder Buzzer In RX,after continuous detection for 15s,buzzer on
EMC EN12015,EN12016

20 to 500Hz 4 hours per X-Y-Z axis Sinuaoidal vibration 30Hz rms 30mins Per X-Y-Z axis

Protection Level IP54(TX,RX),IP31(Power box)
Redundancy One transmitter shielded after 120s detected absent

2.Installation Drawing And Profile Size

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Elevator maintenance of security and technical points(2/10)

7. When working in the pit, the pit should be cut off safety switch boxes overhaul. When the climb out of the pit, we must ensure that the landing door in the open state, before being turned pit safety circuit, and then quickly climbed out of the pit. (If you can operate a safety switch in the hall, you should turn the safety switch in person and then climbed out of the pit, and then closed)
8. If you need to check the elevator door locks short fault, do you want to ensure that the elevator is in the maintenance state. After the inspection is completed, be sure to disconnect the connection after a short let the elevator door is reset to its normal state.
9. Maintenance elevator emergency device when using the emergency switch, be sure that the hall door is closed, to prevent others from falling into the well. Into the pit work, if you want to open a Loumen must plug warning signs or personal care in the hall door, earnestly others measures to prevent falling into the pit.
10. When you need to cut off power supply repair the elevator, should hang "Someone operation, DO NOT TURN ON" the warning signs. During operation or use with power tools, to do good to prevent electric shock safety issues...

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