WECO-917MD-3D Elevator Light Curtain

WECO-917MD-3D Elevator Safety edge door detector

1.Performance Parameter

Number of beams(Max.) 154
Operating environment -20℃——+65℃
Light Immunity 100000Lux
Vertical tolerance +/- 15mm,7°
Horizontal tolerance +/- 3mm,5°
Dimensions H2000mm*W31mm*D12mm
Detecting height 20mm-1841mm
Detecting range 0-4m
Response time 61ms
Power consumption ≤4W or 100Ma @ DC24V
Signal output Relay output (AC220V,AC110V)
LED power Indicator in receiver Yellow LED when it is detecting
LED status Indicator in receiver Red LED when it is detecting
Number of diodes 32pairs(64pcs)
Infra red diodes range 58.8mm
Voice reminder Buzzer In RX,after continuous detection for 15s,buzzer on
EMC EN12015,EN12016

20 to 500Hz 4 hours per X-Y-Z axis Sinuaoidal vibration 30Hz rms 30mins Per X-Y-Z axis

Protection Level IP54(TX,RX),IP31(Power box)
Redundancy One transmitter shielded after 120s detected absent

2.Detecting Drawing And Profile Size

After continuous detection for 15s, this is new lift 3d light curtain sensor, it is too easy to install the same as the common light curtain Intergrated 3d model,applied to high level elevator 3d protection,detected to the stereoscopic area 

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Elevator maintenance of security and technical points(4/10)

Fault Status:
When the elevator is stopped, all the signals can not be registered, were unable to run the express slow, the first suspect is a safety circuit failure. Should go to the room to observe the state of the control panel of the safety relay. If the safety relay is released state, should determine the safety circuit fault.
Malfunction Possible causes:
1. The input power supply phase sequence or phase error caused by the phase sequence relay.
2. Lift the load in the super long run or stall, causing thermal relay.
3. may cause the governor overspeed governor for switching.
4. The elevator hoisting or sink to the bottom causing limit switch.
5. Pit broken rope switch. Might be the governor rope or long jump.
6. safety gear. Should investigate the cause. The governor may be speeding action, the governor oil loss malfunction pit sheave oil loss, pit sheave foreign objects (such as a mouse, etc.) involved, and other security deed block gap is too small...

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