WECO-957 Series EN81-20 Elevator Light Curtain

WECO light curtain EN81-20 WECO-957

1.Performance Parameter

NO. Items Performance Parameter
1 Model

WECO-957A5, WECO-957B5,

WECO-957C5, WECO-957E5,

WECO-957K5, WECO-957L5,

WECO-957Q5, WECO-957T5

WECO-957A8, WECO-957B8,

WECO-957C8, WECO-957E8,

WECO-957K8, WECO-957L8,

WECO-957Q8, WECO-957T8

2 Infra red dioeds range 47.5mm
3 Minimum detecting objection ≤50mm (meet EN81-20 standard)
4 Number of Infra red diode 36 Pair Diodes 40 Pair Diodes
5 Scanning beams 106-174beams 118-194beams
6 The highest detecting range 1665mm  (meet EN81-20 standard) 1855mm  (meet EN81-20 standard)
7 The lowest detecting range 20mm   (meet EN81-20 standard)
8 Detecting range 0~4000mm
9 Response time ≤65ms ≤69ms
10 Recovery time ≤1.5s
11 Vertical tolerance ±15mm/7°
12 Horizontal tolerance ±3mm/5°
13 Output mode 1NO+1NC capacity 120VAC 1A
14 Protection level IP54
15 Light immunity >100,000LUX
16 EMC EN12015, EN12016

2.Beams Designing And Connection System
WECO elevator door detector

36Pairs: TX & RX distance less than 400 mm: 106beams; TX & RX distance more than 400 mm: 174beams.

40Pairs: TX & RX distance less than 400 mm: 118beams;TX & RX distance more than 400 mm: 194beams.

WECO-957 SERIES elevator door detector photocell conform to the Number of 1~3 of EN 81-20 European standard.The details are:
1)The protective device shall cover the opening over the distance between at least 25mm and 1600mm above the car door sill;
2)The protective device shall be capable of detecting obstacles minimum of 50mm diameter;
3)The protective device may be rendered inoperative in the last 20mm of door closing

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Principles and applications of the safety light curtain(1/2)

Safety light curtain principle by infrared light emitting diodes to emit multiple beams of light onto a receiver to form a curtain of infrared light, and if the body part through the screens, and blocking the beam of light which, at least, through the internal control circuit, the machine being monitored issued an emergency brake signal such as press, press and so on.

Curtain has a very wide range of applications, such as on the need to constantly send reclaimer stamping equipment, if you install security door contact, you need to frequently switch operator protective door, it will not only increase the workload of the operator, but also reduces production efficiency. In this case, the use of the grating and the light curtain is the best choice. When the operator to send reclaimers, as long as there is any part of the body blocking the light, it will cause the machine into a safe state without an operator will bring harm....

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